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How to Write the Perfect Essay Introduction

Having a great introduction to your paper is extremely important. If you don’t capture the attention of your reader, they will get bored and won’t want to continue reading. That’s not a good thing, especially if you are writing it for a grade. Your professor should feel engaged, and they should feel like you care about the topic. They’ll pay attention to how good each part of your paper was, especially your essay introduction.

Making them not just see that you understand the topic and studied a lot, but also be interested in what you have to say may very well be the difference between getting a B and getting an A. There’s really no reason not to make a university essay introduction well-written and engaging, and your professor knows that as well as anybody. They will expect you to give 100% effort, so right from the start of the paper, you ought to show them that you care about what you’re writing. Having a very well-done first paragraph is an effective way of doing that.

Ways to Grab the Reader’s Attention

It’s understood by your audience (i.e. your professor and classmates) that you’re not writing an article for entertainment purposes. No one will expect something extravagant, but it’s up to you to draw them into your topic and make them interested enough to keep on reading. There are countless ways of doing that, and making your essay introduction structure incorporate it. One of the most common methods is to use whatever you find most intriguing or interesting about the topic at hand, and state it as the first sentence. This will show the reader some of the most substantial content of the paper right at the beginning without them having to read through any dense paragraphs yet.

Essay Introduction Structure UK, US, CA, NZ, and AU

For all of the major English speaking countries, essay structure is quite similar. Although there are subtle differences, introductory paragraphs often attempt to spark the reader’s interest immediately. For essay introduction structure UK for example, you can present a shocking or interesting fact and then go on to describe your topic from the beginning, starting with the most basic facts and knowledge, and working your way toward the body of the paper.

Top Quality Essay Introduction Sample

As discussed above, a great first paragraph should state something fascinating and then open up the topic from the beginning to bring the audience into the discussion. Here is an essay introduction example university level:

900,000 pigs are slaughtered every day in facilities all around the world. The swine industry is prevalent on every continent, but has few regularly enforced laws to protect pigs from cruel treatment. Once a facility has passed an inspection, they typically resume the most cost effective but less humane treatment of the animals.

As you can see in this excerpt from an essay introduction example, the author uses a fact to attract the reader’s attention, and continues from there to expand on the topic. This effective method works for virtually all fields.

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