How do I find someone to write my essay for me?

Although you may have already decided that you need to look for some academic support, you might not have found the right person to provide such assistance. is a company that specialises in advising students just like you and offers you help whenever you need it. We have a whole range of options when it comes to working with a member of our team, so read on to discover exactly how we work and why our services will be beneficial for you.

Who can write my essay for me?

The person that takes on your project will be a member of our ever-expanding team. Our company started its long journey as a small group of three students at university, but has since increased to be able to cover a wide range of subjects and specialist areas. The service that we offer has always been available to students all over the world, as we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to purchase documents and compete with their classmates. When you finalise the details of your order and we take payment, we will begin discussing options regarding which expert you will be collaborating with. Some of the factors we take into consideration are the following:

  • Subject: We will search for a writer that studied the same (or a similar) degree as you;
  • Topic: We can usually find a writer that specialises in the same specific area as you;
  • Availability: We always keep an eye on our team’s workload to ensure that they can realistically meet deadlines;
  • Deadline: Certain writers are better at short-term projects, while others prefer to take their team and do more research;
  • Academic level: We use our knowledge of educational levels (university, postgraduate, etc.) to complete each task.

When can they write my essay?

“You mentioned deadlines – when can someone write my essay. UK based?” This completely depends on when your submission date is. Due to our vast experience and knowledge of the field, we are able to take on large projects at very short notice. Although most of our clients use our services to improve or maintain their grades, many students also send us last-minute tasks that had been forgotten about. We adhere to strict, high standards, regardless of how much time we have to complete an assignment, so you won’t need to worry about receiving a low-quality final piece. Although we will happily take orders from you with just a couple of days to spare, we always recommend that clients give us as much time as possible to complete each project. There are two reasons for this: The first reason is that the price will increase with this type of order; and the second is that we offer a free ten-day revision period that you should try and take full advantage of.

How will they write my essay?

When your writer has been chosen, we will send them the details that you have given us on the order form. Filling this in just takes a couple of minutes and you can provide us with as much information as you want to. If your teacher is very strict about the content or referencing style (for example), please note this down so we can pass it on to the writer. However, if you don’t have much information to go on, just give us a general idea of what the task is about and we can organise the rest for you. You will be given the direct contact details for the person working on your assignment, so feel free to get in touch at any time if you have any questions or comments to add.

How much will it cost for them to write my essay for me (UK)?

In order to create a fair quote for every student, we calculate a rate based on what needs to be included in your order. The factors that we take into consideration are things like the number of pages and how many references you would like to be used, as well as the topic and academic level of the piece of work. The last thing we do before charging you, is to add on any final discounts and freebies that might be valid for your order. We often advertise some of our best deals, so always ask us for more details when you are placing your order. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible, as we know how stressful the life of a student on a budget can be!

All you need to know now is how to get in touch with us. We have created a system that makes it easy for our clients to get hold of us whenever they need to, which means that we work 24/7 to ensure all of your questions are being answered. You are welcome to browse our website at any time to see exactly what we do, or perhaps use the chat feature to discuss a potential order with one of our team. You can send us an email at any time and we will get back to you as soon as someone is available to help you. If you already know which project you would like us to take on for you, simply visit our webpage and fill in the straightforward form. If not, give us a call and we can advise you!